Yesterday the temperature reached 101. We did not turn on the AC because I hate it. We sat outside in the shade and the breeze and hung out in out pool. Last night it cooled off nicely and we slept well. But today, since I spent the day in an AC office I suggested that my husband and son not suffer and turn on the AC if they wanted too. It is after all 104 outside. And, the windshield on my car cracked…I think from the heat…Yeah, it’s hot. They say the entire month of June is usually in 100’s. Guess I’ll spend a lot of time in the pool…


About Terri C Pilarski

I am an Episcopal priest serving a delightfully progressive, interesting, creative congregation. I have been married more than half my life to the same man. We have two grown children, plus two dogs and two cats, although the number of four legged household members changes from time to time. I love to garden, knit, read, and play on Facebook or with my blog. I have been a practitioner of daily meditation since I was nineteen. I practice yoga five days a week and walk every where I am able too.
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11 Responses to 104

  1. PK says:

    Long ago… we took a trip to your neck of the woods…eeerrr country. It was 115… at poolside… at 10:30 in the morning. Yeah… it’s hot there. REAL hot. Don’t know how you can stand it hot. But your post reminds me… don’t whine when it’s 85… it could be a LOT worse. 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    It’s so nice that you have your own pool! At least, it’s not humid, like it is here.

  3. Oh my stars. It’s not even getting out of the 60s here. We’re having a cold spring. I can’t even imagine it being so hot that your windshield cracks.Yes, go get in the pool.

  4. ick. ick. ick. i’m not a hot weather girl… even tho’ it’s hotcup – the irony of it all!

  5. Rochelle says:

    Hey mompriest…I haven’t blogged in a while. Life has been crazy. I wanted to drop by and see how you are–sounds like it is hot! We had 90 degree + weather here in WA last week, which is pretty hot. Most homes don’t have AC so we spent a good bit of time outside too. Hope to keep up more. Blessings to you.

  6. mompriest says:

    It is hot here, but you know, it really isn’t that bad. I mean it is a real dry heat…and that is a whole LOT better than the 95 degrees and 90% humidity that we had in the Midwest…

  7. Yeah, dry heat is much easier to take. However, 104 is still 104, and in June? When it’s 120 in August, you may find that A/C is not all that annoying. The pool is a good thing, for sure.

  8. Rev SS says:

    Oh my, I was glad to leave the heat of So CA for our nice Seattle weather. 104 is 30 degrees too hot for me.

  9. Barbara B. says:

    A pool — woohoo!!! That makes the heat quite tolerable! 🙂

  10. zorra says:

    “But it’s a dry heat.”Yeah, so is my oven.Dry or humid,whatever! PTL for the AC! (You’ll get used to it, believe me!)

  11. Diane says:

    And it gets hotter…I read re: the history of your area once that before AC people used to sleep outside at night in the summer.

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