A rare, or so it seems to me, rare, hurricane has blown up in the Pacific Ocean, right up along the Baja California. I worry for those who had to live through this storm on that thin strip of land….but on the other hand it has been really awesome to be upwind of the off shoots of the hurricane as they drift northward. The storm, now a tropical depresssion, is probably going to blow west, back into the Pacific, and therefore not afford either Arizona or California, the benefits of heavy rain held in the clouds of this storm. We, in the SW, could really use a lot of rain. But, that said…

Today some storm clouds blew over the mountains, clouds filled with so much moisture, the moisture was literally hanging in the air like steam. Mountains steaming….

And now, rain. A beautiful steady rain. And the air so cool that the air conditioning is turned off and the doors and windows are open…a cool (albeit humid) breeze blowing through, and the soft patter of rain wafts in….

It’s difficult, if you have never lived in a place that can literally go 120 days or more without a cloud let alone rain, to understand how wonderful this is.


About Terri C Pilarski

I am an Episcopal priest serving a delightfully progressive, interesting, creative congregation. I have been married more than half my life to the same man. We have two grown children, plus two dogs and two cats, although the number of four legged household members changes from time to time. I love to garden, knit, read, and play on Facebook or with my blog. I have been a practitioner of daily meditation since I was nineteen. I practice yoga five days a week and walk every where I am able too.
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2 Responses to Rain

  1. Rain is good. Wish we'd gotten some. Glad it went to good use for you!

  2. Sherry says:

    Oh if only I had the power to redirect it from where it is not needed to where it is…sigh…we have too much. I'd trade it for some heat and low humidity. Blessings, and thanks for such a lovely picture too!

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